Code of Ethics

We at the Doula Association of Ireland understand that one of the most basic and important needs of the birthing woman is to feel safe and secure, and to have trust and confidence in the people around her at this special time. We also strive to promote a positive working relationship with our midwifery and medical colleagues.

Each member of the Doula Association of Ireland has therefore given a written commitment to adhering to our code of ethics which details the responsibilities of our members in their working practice. Doula Association of Ireland (DAI) members:

  • Are accountable for their own practice in whatever environment they choose to work. In all circumstances the safety and welfare of the mother, baby, and the doula, must be of primary importance. Doulas offer emotional, informational and physical support, but not advice to the mother and/or parents, exploring with them their various options.
  • Do not advocate or speak for the parents in any situation - the doula will enhance communication and understanding between the woman and midwife and/or doctor. It is the philosophy of the DAI that informed decision making is key to a mother’s lasting satisfaction with her birthing experience.
  • Do not perform clinical or medical tasks, diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice.
  • Work to provide the highest level of care and support to the mother/family.
  • Will refer clients to other appropriate resources/professionals should the client have needs beyond the scope of their doula role.
  • Will accurately represent their education and experience and will not mislead other doulas, clients or other birth professionals as to their level of doula education or experience either face to face or on any virtual medium.
  • Will be honest and show integrity and respect at all times towards their clients, doula colleagues and the other professionals alongside whom they may be working.
  • Will strive to develop and maintain positive work relationships within the doula and birthing community. As a representative of the DAI, ethical and careful consideration of all communications with the birthing community should be transparent and respectful.
  • Will not discuss personal and confidential information which has been disclosed to them by their clients in the course of their doula work with them, without the express permission of those clients.
  • Will not discuss personal and/or DAI communications outside the DAI without prior consent from relevant parties.
  • Will keep records of their doula activities, will submit their anonymous data collection forms after each birth, and are advised to have a written contract with their clients
  • Will continue to enhance their skills and education by attending courses, workshops and lectures as they become available.
  • Will keep current on evidence-based information and best practice.

Your application for membership will only be considered / approved if you are willing to abide by these code of ethics.


DAI Code of Ethics
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