Please Note: These listings are not a recommendation or an endorsement of these particular doulas.

Please note that this is a general guide only. Some doulas may cover more than one area and others may only cover part of an area. Please contact the individual doulas if you require further information.

The Doula Association of Ireland does not accept any responsibility for services provided to you by the doulas listed on this website. We advise you to ask doulas details of their background and experience at interview, and that a written contract be drawn up between you and the doula before the provision of the service.

These listings are not a recommendation or an endorsement of these particular doulas

Doula Fees:  Individual doulas should be contacted directly about their fee, which can vary according to their training, experience, package of services and personal circumstances. An average birth doula fee ranges from €600–1200. We do however recommend that doulas-in-training charge a reduced rate for their services. Volunteer doulas may accept travel expenses and a donation at their clients discretion.

* Postpartum doulas charge on average of €15–25 with a 3-hour minimum visit. Women who are members of Aviva Health insurance may be eligible for a rebate for doula services depending on their specific health plan.

Volunteer doulas: Many of our members carry out some voluntary work or provide services for reduced rates. If you are interested in hiring a doula or know of someone who could benefit from doula care but are financially constrained, then this may be an option for you/ them. Contact your local doula to check their availability.


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