Jen Campbell


T:  085 7666 592




Additional Skills

Babywearing Consultant

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 Jen is a DONA trained Postpartum Doula and Trageschule certified
Babywearing Consultant whose own personal journey as a mum of 3 and seeing first hand that there is a real absence of support for new families in the postpartum period was the catalyst for her training
and pursuit of postpartum work.

Jen loves that the basis of a Postpartum Doula is to support families
from an emotional, practical and social perspective, helping to build
early attachment with the baby, mothering the mother and providing
support with siblings or other family members.

Jen is an advocate of supporting breastfeeding mums, building early
bonds and infant and maternal mental health because she believes thatthis is where we are seeing a shortfall in services and society is
paying a price.

Jen also works as a Babywearing Consultant teaching parents and
caregivers how to safely and comfortably wear their baby.


Serves: Louth, Dublin and surrounding areas