Kayla Snyder

Co Kerry

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Certified in Placenta preparation

Kayla Snyder


I am originally from the Philadelphia area and moved to Tralee in June 2016 with my Fiance and our 1 year old son. I grew up around birth my whole life as my mother is a Labor and Delivery RN in the US. Watching my mother help women have these beautiful birth experiences was something I have wanted to replicate since I was a little girl. 

My maternal instincts and belief in woman's inner goddess has run deep for just as long. When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started researching different birthing experiences. I fell in love with Graceful Birth Center in Los Angeles and was excited for a midwife to be a part of the birth of my son. 

My Birth Day was on July 3, 2015 - it was a beautiful, natural, water birth. Somewhere in between the contractions, the pushing and the ring of fire, I found my purpose. I realized right then that I wanted to help women everywhere have a positive birth experience just as my midwife had helped me to have. hrough my personal birth experience, I have come to believe that prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care should be mother-centered and I support mothers to help them have an educated birth, a fearless birth, an empowered birth.

Serves: Kerry