Shelley Kavanagh

Newcastle, County Dublin, Ireland

T:  0877738345

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Additional Skills

Ba in Applied Languages (Translation and Interpreting French and German)

Shelley Kavanagh


Hi, I’m Shelley Kavanagh, mum to two lively little people, living in Newcastle, Co. Dublin on the border of Kildare. I am a Dona trained Birth Doula and I’m passionate about all things birth related! I became a doula having had both positive and negative experiences throughout my pregnancies and births. In short; I wish I had a doula!

What I can offer

During pregnancy I will be a source of encouragement and reassurance and will also provide evidence based information on all things pregnancy and birth related.

During labour and delivery, I am a constant for Mum, providing various comfort and pain relief measures such as; relaxation and breathing techniques, visualization, massage, counter-pressure, tens use, rebozo use, double hip squeeze 

Mum’s partner and I work together as a team and while I am primarily there for Mum, I also provide support for the primary birth partner in what can sometimes be an overwhelming time for them.  

After birth, I can take a step back or help Mum begin the breastfeeding process if she chooses to breastfeed and encourage bonding between the new baby and family

Serves: all Dublin hospitals and people living in Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow