Susan Pickup

Dublin 13

T:  083-8085360




Additional Skills

GentleBirth Instructor

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I am a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula as well as a qualified GentleBirth Instructor. I am a mum to three beautiful children and 2 years ago we returned home to Ireland after living in Australia for 10 years.

During my time overseas I began studying Midwifery and 2 years into that we made our decision to come home. With Midwifery put on hold I had an amazing opportunity to follow my passion of supporting mums and their partners through pregnancy, labour and birth as well as in the precious postpartum period.

I believe it is every mum's right to have a positive birth experience with continuity of care from a caring and skilled doula who understands birth. I strongly believe every mum should continue to have that emotional and practical support when they bring their baby home especially in the early weeks after birth when mum, dad and baby are getting to know each other.


Serves: Dublin